Anthony Petrizzo
Renew, Galvanise, Bounce Back, Awaken, Revive, Refreshen, Come Alive, Arouse, Reinvigorate, Live again, Activate, Energize, Come into Being

Representing individual declarations of personal growth, clarity, re-awakening and enlightenment, the symbols chosen collectively speak to a universal doctrine of change. An epiphany if you will.

A resurrection of our social consciousness leading to a re-awakened spirit of reversal and activism. 

Purple heightening our imagination.
Yellow, the color of optimism and positivity.
Green, the color of renewal and growth.
Orange, enhancing our creativity and enthusiasm
and aqua, the color of dreaminess and reinvigoration.
Blue, the color of freedom and trust, and lastly, red, reigniting passion and power. 

2022, a season of reawakening?

The state between a suspended sense of reality or withdrawal and a reawakening of the spirit.
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