somnum et quietem

Christiana Roberts
settle, still, soft, strong, stirring, spacious

somnum et quietem is an intimate movement series of the relationship between mind and body, strength and stillness. An awakening rooted in the safety of being soft and the strength needed to allow change. This photo series is intended to capture the intimate nature of trust. Of oneself, of others, of our readiness to be seen in a new way. The naked vulnerability of honesty. In the reopening of our society, we move forward with all that we have gained and leave behind that which held us down. We move towards light and loftiness of spirit. In these images I sought to capture angles where light touched the body and allowed strength to be seen.
My hope is that we can move forward, hold gratitude for this home that held us in the dark, now awake to that which bears light.

Sleepwa[l]king is being awake to the light within and the wisdom of rest. 
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Photography David Perkins - Movement & Editing Christiana Roberts
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