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Giulietta Tripoli
Vivid, Familiar, Indiscriminate

There are many moments in life when random things come together in unexpected ways and our brains do a lot of this memory hacking in our non-waking life too.

Dreams have always been fascinating to me and I love to ponder them and all their weird connections and unrelated elements finding themselves in the same space.

As I have developed my collage style, most of my work has come from a similar assemblage of arbitrary elements that unexpectedly work together and balance or complement each other, even when they don’t really make sense together - a waffle and a dog, a trumpet and a mercedes, a glass of whiskey and a high heel. 

This piece focuses on that in-between space when we are not really dreaming but not really awake, our brain is trying to sort through the random fragments and figure out what is reality but lingering just a bit too long.

18”x24” cut + paste collage, digitally edited. 

Cut+paste collage evoking the fragmented moments between dreams when everything is in motion but the pieces and significance are elusive.
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Giulietta Tripoli Imagery from and assortment of printed publications like i-D, bon appétit, W magazine
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