Fragile Dream Mix

Hyphen Works - Ran Jaden Cao
Cue up this mix at a very quiet volume before you nap or sleep. Keep a notepad next to your bed when you're awake and write about the sounds and sights you remember.

A near-seven hour mix of tender songs to ease into your next dream state with 99 tracks hand-picked and organized using data from Spotify's API — ranking from low to minimal "energy"" level in hopes that this mix would not wake the listener should they try to sleep to it. The idea stems from my relationship with music in how it's almost omnipresent in my conscious life from the morning til sleep. However, there's no much control or sonic memories I tend to retain when I sleep. It's often just faces and stories. With that in mind, I wonder what music could offer when I am drifting through different stages of sleep. 

Would hearing a track as I'm actively dreaming influence the path of my dreams? Can I even hear sounds in my dream? Would I be able to move in my dreams to the sound of music? This is what was in back of my mind when I was creating the mix.

Music is a key to our inner worlds when paired with our conscious activities— when we run, dance, walk. Does it offer the same when we sleep?
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