Jessica Oddi
False Awakened Access, Non-Disabled, Apathy, De-Centered, Advocacy

It starts with a thought. Oddly enough, late at night when I can’t seem to sleep. Without access to a pen and paper. My disabled body unable to move as I lie in bed. Forced to remember the idea throughout the night into the next morning, making sleep impossible. Jotting down notes in my phone before I forget. Trying to piece together the fragments from the previous night. White screenshot of a note from a cellphone, with markings over top to make edits in handwriting. 

Title. Sleepwa[l]king Idea.

[First paragraph.] Remembering the pandemic in fragments [underlined]. [Redacted word] how you don’t remember the full dream floating through the experience.

[Second paragraph.] Pieces of brush strokes and random process of sketches or scribbling while working on the artwork. [Text with a strike through] Combining different elements of bright and dark colours. [Handwritten note beside it] monotone?

[Third paragraph.] The weight of already existing how others were just realizing the experience.

[Fourth paragraph.] The [sorrow realizing] everyone is very much still asleep and still not connecting the events to disabled people’s struggles through and before this. [A line is striking through this paragraph as a check mark.]

[Fifth paragraph.] Glimpse of hopefulness for a better accessible future based on the experience. The hope for humanity though [strike through] no one is there yet. [Added handwriting underneath]

Make it accessible. Audio + text description of everything.

A span of time used to prove we are awake, only to avoid the fact we’re deep asleep. Befitting from access while leaving us behind.
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Text document against a grey background. [Title.] The Credit. [Body paragraph.] Either than my own two self portraits, the following images were used to create this collage. Some are near and dear, others are beautiful free stock photography from Unsplash. The typeface used was Atkinson Hyperlegible in Bold and Regular, a free accessible download from the Braille Institute Collage of all the original images that were edited to be used in the final artwork. [Two photos of Jessica in a power wheelchair parked in a coffee shop. Overlapping each other to emphasize the wheelchair.] Alexandra Del Bello Photography . Local Photographer in Hamilton, ON Canada . Photos from my branding session used for the wheelchair cutouts in the collage. Specifically for the four wheels. The rest of the chair (seat, controller, head rest) and body taken as a self portrait back in 2020 on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. [Photo of a hand reaching out holding a green plant.] Alex Loup. Unsplash photos/4N5huJDOydQ. Used in two parts. Top part for the leaves from the neck. Bottom part for the hand holding the heart in the center. [Photo of a heart in a jar.] camilo jimenez . Unsplash photos/ OermHGSUzhI. Used for the heart. Tanalee Youngblood Unsplash photos/fsdWYNTymjI. Used for the flowers at the feet, and on either side of the torso. [Photo of a small plant of roses with a thick stem in a pot.] [Photo of small sakura tree branches.] Annie Spratt. Unsplash Used for the branches that attach the duel head to the center heart and body. Jeremy Thomas. Unsplash photos/E0AHdsENmDg. Galaxy scene used in two sections. First as the circular hole in the floor. Second as the inner hole of the torso where the hand and heart come out from. [Photo of the night sky with bright stars that look into the galaxy.]
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