Coming Out From Under

Kassia Graham
🍄 Dreamy, 🐙 Bold, 🌈 Trippy

Sleepwa[l]king is the collision of an individual interpretation of reality and the subconscious.

Coming Out From Under is the culmination of symbols revisited in dreams, while being revived ​post-surgery, and ​matter that ​inspires me to dream while awake.

It is a mixture of vibrant colors, black​s,​ white​,​​ and grays​; rigid and undulating shapes.​

There are contradictions and similarities juxtaposed. There are multiple planes.​

This is a reawakening.

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Kassia Graham
Dimensions: 19"x 24" Materials: Pencil, pen, colored pencil, acrylic, and colored paper on acid-free Bristol paper
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