Moi, Michelle je ne cuisine pas.

Niina Turtola
hide, disguise, conceal, newspaper exhibition, text art, word art, neo-conceptual art, typography, print

"Moi, Michelle je ne cuisine pas." is about infiltering art into the newspaper amongst other mundane texts in the newspapers. Audience has to use wit to understand that the text is art as the text looks like ordinary text, but is not. This artwork has six pieces and five were published in the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on the 8.6., 9.6., 10.6., 16.6. and 23.6.2021 in the leisure section. The sixth artwork is a collage of previously published texts. In "Moi, Michelle je ne cuisine pas."words were mixed and new syntax was created. "Moi, Michelle je ne cuisine pas." is an imagined sentence where a fictive character named Michelle states that she does not cook. The words are mixed to create no meaning and several meanings for the words that ultimate aim at nothing. The meaning is in the viewers ability to find the artwork on a newspaper. This artwork is about blurring the line between reality with fiction and trying to create a critical reader in the everyday life. 

I interpret sleepwal[k]ing as an act where the audience is given a possibility to see details of life which are disguised in the same mundane life. If audience pays attention to these details they can also understand art in a new way. Artist is a researcher highlighting blinded spot. We must wake up and see details that are in disguise of mundane.
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Niina Turtola, Moi, Michelle je ne cuisine pas., print/infilteration, one sentence of text.
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