Sons of Beaches* - Mayra Jannette Sanchez
Mexico, jaguar, Quetzalcoatl, W, a snake with feathers, real of the gods

The gods of the Aztec and Maya culture were of great importance to its people. The influence they had led to maintain a mysticism and magic that is
preserved to this day in Mexican culture. Some of these gods manifested in the real world through animals such as the quetzal or the jaguar. The W is a letter composed of lines that connect the divine and the mortal world. In addition, if it wishes to, can change its direction and become a different letter, the M. Within this representation the world of the gods is symbolized through the god Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, and the mortal world with the jaguar, only visible when we flip the letter upside down. The W then lives in the divine world just waiting to be woken up to transform and come down to the human world.

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