Angela Bac
Ephemeral, pensive, hazy, familiar, responsive

Dreams are the moments during REM sleep where the brain can rest, synthesize a day’s events, and connect them to previous experiences. 

Throughout this past year of keeping it together and trying to wake up every day for virtual life, I’ve kept a tenuous grip on routine. So aware that time is passing, but still unable to be completely present. I sleep to avoid reality but also to strengthen my grip on it. Some moments feel better repressed and synthesized during REM. But the other moments, the ones I’ve been so lucky to have, keep me inspired for what each day will bring. Here are some documented moments, an exercise in dreaming. Not in an idealistic or romantic sense, but a self-regulatory check up—an opportunity to dream consciously.

To be in a daze or limbo, where time is fleeting but also standing still.
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Copy and concept support: Michelle Bac
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