I lie on the surface of sleep

Connie Lui
Weightless, Faith, Oblivion, Alone, Dance, Blind, Wandering

We lie on the surface of sleep, not fully awake but aware. It is certain that most of us have been asleep for too long and some still wish to slumber for eternity. Some were born in the dream state. The built world around us is falling apart. The few who have never closed their eyes have been peeling back the layers of paint. 

What is—was real? Who are we? When are we?
As I rub my blurry eyes with anxiety, I realize wasn’t me and the world was not the world. 

When we wake, is it a return to being free?
Are we to return more fully to those we love, to nature, to simple things? Will we all join the movement of removing what was made? To tear down, to heal, purge, edit, and create anew? How do we find the balance in these things—personal and interpersonal.  

Rising takes energy. It takes effort. It takes focus and determination. It takes deep breaths. It takes time.

 It is difficult. And it takes all of us. 

What is—was real? Who are we? When are we?
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Connie Lui
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