fever dream, knot included

Darciana Reynolds
serendipitous, serene, ambiguous, deceitful, prophetic, illusory, experiential

Dreams tend to be thought of as separate experiences from our reality. So when these worlds intersect, reality and dreams, they create a space in existence
of questioning.  We start to question not only the reality of the dream but the meaning as well. These vivid yet fantastical experiences get burned into our brains like memories begging to be relived and explored. however, so unattainable when reached for on purpose. My work for sleepwa[l]king derives from one of these experiences in which I was dreaming and saw my mother enter my dream through a door that felt as if it existed in another world from my current one. when I awakened she stood above me wearing the same clothes, smelling of the same scent, and expressing the same love I felt in the dream. It felt as if I lived the experience twice and as though it was happening for the first time.

The in-between state where realities collide to form a world of questions.
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