as I lay me down

Declan Kearney
Being, Sensing, Perceiving, Self Impressions, Interweaving, Connecting, Memories

Woven into and through one another; our connection with self.

On being presented with this brief, it felt instinctual for me to start from self. Myself. I thought of how “I am”, as I rest nightly on my pillow to sleep. I envisioned an impression which may linger... a self portrait? In recent months as I have continued to create hand woven pillows, I have been experimenting with a more “painterly” effect, achieved by splicing many colored leather strips through the warp and weft. I often find myself immersed in the weaving as I work, it is a meditative practice. Faced with studying my own likeness, perhaps the subject this time would take on a new dimension. The notion that a face can endure, leaving an impression after we are gone, as in a painting or a photograph is merely a capture of our physical presence at a moment in time.

We are so much more than physical, indeed our presence is woven into and through our memories.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Woven into and through one another; our connection with self.
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Declan Kearney
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