Subconscious landscapes

Santiago Peraza
subconscious, surreal, landscape, dreams, architecture, non-linear

Our relationship to our surroundings is a conscious one, through our senses and with logic we understand space, light, and dimension thus learning to navigate them.
But what happens in our subconscious?
How does it manifest in our dreams?
How do we navigate those surreal worlds in which narratives don't depend on norms or logic to develop? What is the very architecture of those
dreams and where do they come from?

Subconscious landscapes.

Inspired by the Penrose Stairs, my visual interpretation of those non-linear, surreal landscapes comes from the understanding that many of these places are memories
of my current architecture  projects re-experienced through a distorted lens (dreams) where proportions, physics, and continuity have no boundaries.
I photographed spaces attempting to capture and put together an architectural map of a non-existing, fantastical space that I have only visited in my dreams.

An attempt to recreate the architectural surreal landscapes that manifest in my dreams
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