What My Laptop Sees

Seb Fousse
Non-lucid, cyborg, reflection, morphing, soft, scrambled

Over the last year or two we've spent so much time staring at our computer screens, such that they've become integral in our work and home life. I ended up training an AI on ~800 images of my face, in order to produce new images of what the computer thought I might look like. It resulted in hundreds of interesting images (some more realistic than others), which I then passed into another AI to scale up to poster size. This graphic is the result of what I look like, according to my laptop...

An image generated by my computer based on 768 images of my face. I drift through the day, staring at my screen, and my screen stares back at me. Does it dream with me? What does it dream about?
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My mother for helping me collect the images needed to train the AI
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