Trey Bradley
Neuroscience, Brains, Habits, Involuntary Actions, Adapting to a Digital World, Social Media Capital

TW-BCI (MVP) is a proof of concept experience that allows users to engage with social media, hands and eyes free, using their brainwaves. The MVP experience uses a 5-channel EEG device to live-capture a user’s brainwave data, neuroscience algorithms to determine the user’s state of consciousness, and web technology to retweet and like recent tweets that correspond to the user's state of mind. To me, the idea of using one’s brainwaves across any mental state to control Twitter anticipates a world where engaging social media will be likened to autonomic reflexes (such as respiration and cardiac regulation) that we do whether asleep or awake. Our natural autonomic reflexes have been hard-wired at the core of our brains through evolution to regulate our bodily systems that are required to keep us alive. Will swiping, liking and tweeting become actions that are also hard-wired at the core of our brains as a result of our minds and bodies adapting to survive in the digital age?

Autonomic reflexes (ie. breathing) are actions that keep us alive, even in sleep. In the digital age what other actions will become autonomic?
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Trey Bradley
As TW-BCI (MVP) is a true proof of concept experience, constant research and iteration is intended to grow and develop the product and concept.
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