Lithobates Sylvaticus

Vanna Chin
Rebirth, Calm, Serenity, Urgency, Dichotomy, Renewal

Lithobates sylvaticus, more commonly known as the wood frog, was the impetus behind my interpretation of this years Concept of the Year. Found primarily in Alaska and the North East, wood frogs have evolved a unique ability to secrete proteins that allow them to completely freeze themselves and hibernate for up to 7 months. When I heard of this years concept, I couldn't help but think of the idea of being frozen, without physical, bodily autonomy, as our subconscious takes hold. I knew that I wanted to freeze objects that represented this uniquely human experience. So I froze a plaster human face (An obvious choice) and white lilies. White lilies are my favorite flower, they also just so happen to represent a rejuvenation of the soul and rebirth. The music, which was made by Concept of the Year artist/participant Christopher Hansen, under my direction, was meant to evoke a sense of urgency, of renewal, and of serenity and calm. Even as we are frozen, emotionally, in life, or asleep, there is a whole part of us that is very much living. A process that we cannot escape, not until death.

Life beneath a frozen veil.
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Vanna Chin, Music: Christopher Hansen
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